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Antonella Zompa, Author, 
BCC w/Executive Coach designation, Lean Six Sigma author, facilitator & trainer, PMP 

Breaking down the complex into simple manageable in items

Antonella Zompa has more than 20 years of experience in business transformation, project management and global operations. During her career, she has challenged the status quo and helped drive process improvements in corporations. She enjoys working with people to help them materialize their Vision for a better workplace environment and achieve their operational goals. As a former corporate leader at General Electric and Philips North America, she led workshops internationally in the fields of Project Management, ISO 9001, Lean, Six Sigma and Team Performance.

Antonella received her Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University and her Masters in Science with designation to Project Management from Boston University.  She is presently a Professor of Practice at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s School of Engineering for the Lean Six Sigma certification.  She is also part of Board of Certified Coach (BCC) with the executive coach designation, has her coaching and consulting practice, building tailored workshops.


Recently she has completed the first of two Lean Six Sigma books, A Lean six Sigma Recipe: How to improve a process in a matter of months.  This first book uses the DMAIC framework and a proven formula that takes a problem process at your workplace and improves it. The book is designed as a guide you go through, step-by-step, and make your process more efficient.


She lives in Connecticut.

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