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Team Performance

Improving team dynamics & working efficiently

With the AZC-Team Performance program, teams will benefit from learning how to function with high performance using an in-depth assessment of members’ preferred working styles, teaming strengths, leadership positioning, and how best to use each member’s style to optimize the overall team performance.

The program is well structured and facilitated complete with robust individual and team reports that can continue to be used by the team for periodic check-ins. This program has been developed through decades of team performance management and provides a foundation for teams and individuals to continue to use.

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Why should you conduct a team performance workshop?

  • Effectiveness to work together

  • Communications (within and across other groups)

  • Conflict resolution (remove the barriers that are impacting the team’s performance)

  • Problem-solving capabilities

  • Adaptability to change

  • Respond to stresses on the job

  • Refine your leadership style

  • Understanding and utilizing each team member’s strengths to full team potential


“Being part of a PXT® assessment has been an eye-opening experience for my team and myself. After more than three years working together as a group, we collectively saw, understood and realized all the strengths and weaknesses that we had been feeling amongst us but remained unseen. In a day workshop, we leapfrogged other three more years of internal learning and struggle. I can only say that PXT® assessment will become the standard of both my team dynamics and recruitment process. A must have not only for teams but also for team leaders.”

 “The PXT® provided me a tool to understand myself and my co-workers, making it easier on a day-by-day basis to understand point of views, comments and even approach methods”

“Likes this more than just doing the survey and getting results to read…Nice to see what is missing as a group and being self-aware”

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