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The Lean Six Sigma recipe is a proven formula to improve a process at your work whether it’s the factory or the office. The book is intended for the reader to select a process at their workplace to improve and use the book as their step-by-step guide. This empowers the employee to change for the better using specific Lean and Six Sigma methods which will tackle the waste and variation in their process. Following this book’s framework on a weekly basis will ultimately have your process improved effectively within a matter of months without costly investments. This methodology is currently being used by working professionals going through a master’s program.   

  • Process improvement can be achieved in 3 months or less

  • Proven formula to improve a process at your workplace whether it’s in the factory or office

  • Designed as an operational step-by-step manual

  • Intended for the reader to select a process at their workplace to improve and use the book as their guide

  • Effective way of improving a process at work without costly investments

  • Empowers employees to change for the better


Recently published in SSRN, "Resilience during COVID-19 – a look at how Employers and their Employees Adapted" white paper. We present how some employers and employees adapted during this unparalleled period. It encompasses the actions that were taken to keep employees safe, whether it was necessary to reduce employment and costs, make strategic changes, and whether roles and jobs had changed. With so much disruption to workforces and so many employees remote, we were also interested in understanding how companies were sustaining culture in their organizations, and overall, how individuals were feeling professionally. The results represent more than 100 interviews of professional workers across a broad range of industries, roles, and seniority. These interviews took place from November 2020 through January 2021 using a questionnaire. Read more about the study by clicking on the button below to download the paper for free.