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5 Effective and Simple Steps to create your Vision Board

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Question: How to set goals and keep the focus in order to achieve them?

An Answer: Create a Vision Board

Custom Definitions:

  • Vision board is a collage of images and words that help you focus on what is important to you…what you want to do, be, or obtain in life.

  • True North is when your internal compass is not working but you see the light ahead and you focus on going in that direction

Steps to create a Vision Board

1 Brainstorm what is important to you that you want to achieve. It can be in your workplace, in your career, with your health, in your family, in your personal life, etc.

Example: Profession (Career)

  • Strive to find an easier, faster, and better way of doing things by learning new ways of seeing things

  • Help people solve problems by deciphering the complex, and finding simple tangible solutions

  • Bring teams together and work more effectively

2 Search for images that embody what you deem important. Take magazines, Instagram, on-line pictures, personal photos, etc. and start accumulating pictures that reflect your aspirations.

Example: to bring teams together, get a picture of hands stacked on top of each other or of people huddling in a circle

3 Along with pictures, write up affirmations which are tangible things you can do to reach your goals…make them the actions you want to focus on.

Example: “bring teams together”

4 Keep a journal or a spot on your board where you will write what you are doing day-to-day to get you a step closer to your goals. For more support, add a spot where you can place names of people that support you on this journey.

Example: mentoring a group of friends; teaching a group of people; having colleagues support your vision

5 Place your vision board where you will be able to view it at all times.

Example: place as a screen saver, in your office, on your fridge, etc.

Remember that the Vision board should be flexible, with iterations as time goes by. You may think of something else that is important to you that you want to add. You can find a picture that better represents your aspiration. This process is linear only the first time you assemble your board. After that, think of the steps being dependent on each other but not linear. You can do any one of them as you sharpen your board to make it reflect your “True North”.

Here is a sample of a vision board:

If you prefer making your board by hand and not on the computer, I suggest getting a Vision Board kit to guide you.

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