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Avoid another year of “why didn’t I …” by doing these three things

If you are like me, the glass is always half empty instead of it being half full. There are things you would love to do but somehow fall short of accomplishing them. It’s the drive, the will, or the fact that it seems so impossible. One thing to keep in mind with goal setting is that you will come to an impasse where you decide, “to go for it?” or “to do nothing.” You may think there is a third option, “to try to go for it?” The problem with “trying” is that it opens the door to excuses and conceding early instead of persevering whenever there is a roadblock. So don’t “try”! Set yourself up for success by creating a plan.

For 2022, instead of having another “why didn’t I do…” year, I’m preparing myself psychologically to do something about my life situation. I wanted to share the three steps I’m taking to help anyone who wants to change for the better:

1. Conduct an AAR (After Action Review) of 2021: If you haven’t used this military method yet, it’s the best way to dissect a scenario and brainstorm new outcomes. You ask yourself the questions:

  • What went well…

  • What should be avoided next time…

  • What improvements can be recommended for the next time…

2. Create a Vision Board for 2022: with the recommendations from the AAR, create a vision board that inspires you. Whether you print out copies or use it as a screen saver, always keep your vision board close to you like a security blanket to help you stay focused on what you need to accomplish.

3. Record the successes in 2022: keep a spot in your vision board where you can input the date and accomplishment you reached. You can also check off the things on your board. Every success and baby-step needs to be highlighted for encouragement as well as reminders you are moving towards your goal.

Day dreaming gets you nowhere so if you are like me and want to improve yourself, follow these steps, reach your goals, and share your experience with others!

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Let us know what you think with your comments….

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